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Asha for Children Foundation

Asha refers to Hope in English, Hope for all those children who can be the bright future of tomorrow's nation. Asha for Children foundation was established in 2077 B.S(2020 A.D), aiming to educate the slum/urban poor and disadvantaged kids, thereby working for their right to Quality of education. Since its establishment, it is actively working to unite, organize and mobilize children's rights regarding education throughout the country. The foundation is an autonomous, non-governmental, non-profit making, non-political, and self-governing organization founded with the comprehensive goal of equipping underprivileged children with the quality of education despite their gender, ethnicity, and faith. We believe that " access to education is a fundamental human right of every child". We aim to become a strong pillar of assistance to every child shielding and promoting their rights in sectors related to education. Quality education has been a dream for many financially unstable children, so our foundation works to fulfill the amiable aspiration of those youngsters. Today the Asha for Children Foundation has progressed as a leading organization in Nepal supporting local public schools to improve the quality of learning adobe. Our program is a proven outlook to expand and sanction kids in Nepal. We are currently supporting children from all over the country. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Asha for Children Foundation accomplished the possible support to Nepal's Government to tackle the pandemic. We have several programs for children with various conditions. Likewise, with the regular brace from its staff to the safety of children during the pandemic, we establish a wonderful relationship with every child and try to provide a homely environment. We take the responsibility for making the future of these children strong, better, and secure. We are confident that we can grow a strong pillar for tomorrow's nation. Our main target is the children from the slum area, who have enormous talent but lack opportunity. We are dedicated to working to bring out and manifest the hidden gem with their talent.

Why do we do it

With the vision of ” Quality Education for all”, Asha for Children foundation integrated approach includes the growth development and moreover the education of children who are financially backward. Likewise, holding the mission of bringing significant difference in the right of quality education for the children from disadvantaged communities, our main goal is to improve the right to quality of education of the poor and vulnerable children. We are strongly focused on increasing the access and utilization of quality of education for children from underprivileged society.

What we do

We are a team of experts who strongly believe in the fluency of education towards children’s future. Asha for children foundation develops strategies for strengthening organization performance with prioritizing the area that will foster the right to quality education and social entrepreneurship. Our priorities of action operate and run our own education institute. Besides, the foundation provides its financial support to improve public schools capacity, education support and individual students to access their overall growth in education.