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The provision of the right to quality education is embedded in the constitution of Nepal, which clearly spells out that all children in Nepal are entitled to receive the right to quality education. Right to quality education is prioritized in several international and national development frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the National Development Plan (NDP), underpinning the Education Sector as one of the key social sectors to be enhanced in order to achieve Education for All.

Asha Shiksha Sadan (School) is coming up with new enthusiasm to fulfil a gap between rich and poor people in the country. Educate children with proper caring and support is an urgent demand and need of the vulnerable children from marginalized group in Nepal. The school is built and located at Suryabinayak-10, Bhaktapur, is being started to run the classes from 20th March, 2022 with 69 Students from play group, Nursery, lower kindergarten and Upper kindergarten. Among them 24 are from orphan homes and the rests are from local area. The school provides three times nutritious meal (breakfast, lunch and snacks during school hour) to the children with proper calories needed for the growth of each and every child. The school is planning to run up to grade one in academic year 2022/2023 and up to secondary level in future.

Asha Shiksha Sadan is managed and run by ASHA FOR CHILDREN FOUNDATION which is a charity organization to ensure right to quality education for all underprivileged children in Nepal. The foundation was established in 2020 as an umbrella organization of ASHA, a Non-Government Organization (NGO) coming up with an idea to provide the right to quality education to the deprived children in Nepal. The school focuses on providing education the children regardless of faith, ethnicity, and gender through holistic approach. It also prioritizes to educate poor and underprivileged children receiving them at least the pre-primary education. Its motto is “equality in education”. Asha Shiksha Sadan projects to be the strong pillar of support in making the children responsible citizens of the Nation in future. It provides education with hygienic food and all other required basic facilities. It believes that access to education is a basic human right for every child. In current situation, access to education in Nepal for the children is through the government-funded public schools that have no specific programs and resources allocation such children. On the other hand, the private schools that have no access to the children since underprivileged parents cannot send their children because of the high-cost fee structure. Thus, most of the children from underprivileged communities are out of reach to basic education in Nepal. Asha Shiksha Sadan is here to meet the requirements of holistic development of such children with commitment.

The vision, mission, goal and objective of Asha Shiksha Sadan as following:
Vision : Quality Education for All
Mission : Bring significant differences in the right to quality education for the children from a disadvantaged community
Goal : Improve the right to quality education of the poor and vulnerable children.
Objective : Increase access and utilization of quality education for the children from the underprivileged community.

Besides, there are two hostel building under construction in school premises with capacity for 110 students (60 girls and 50 boys) in and outside of Kathmandu valley to be selected and live in hostel and study in Asha Shiksha Sadan with required facilities including regular health check up and hygienic food with clean drinking water provided by school.

Finally, here is the name list of our contributors and supporters –(people) from Germany who did excessive effort to stand Asha Shiksha Sadan in front of you today.

  1.  School building is supported by Mr. Heribert Wirth and Mrs. Margit Wirth and friends,
  2. Canteen Building is supported by Anna and Hans Schȍder.
  3. Girls hostel is supported by Mrs. Margit Wirth and Mr. Heribert Wirth
  4. Boys hostel is supported by Alfons Doblinger

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